Pastor George is also available for speaking engagements. If your church, small group, or seminar is looking for someone to talk about theology, Church history and philosophy, healing and reconciliation, Christian doctrines, or more, send us an email!


Physics student. Software developer. Theologian. What? Pastor George blends the three and shares some of his thoughts on mathematics, science, and other fields, often with his own unique theological twist. 

Pastor George's work on math, physics, software, and more:

The Mathematical Equations of Symbiotic Investment: Maximizing Total Wealth by Investing in Each Other

Oracle, The Complete Reference


A little humor: last night (5-31-2020) I literally dreamt a math joke, and remembered it when I woke up!

Man: My wife is being irrational.

Friend: She is? How so?

Man: I asked her to choose a number between 1 and 10. She chose pi.